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The Land of Mojhaye Khorooshan WaterparkThe largest indoor water complex in the world is located in an area of more than 60,000 square meters in one of the best and most strategic recreation and tourism centers of Iran, located in Mashhad - 1.5 km of Shandiz Road, and is known as the tourist gem of Mashhad.

The Land of Mojhaye Khorooshan Waterpark

It is possible to use more than 65 modern and exciting slides with international standards and different maps for our dear guests, each of which will create a unique experience for you. The Land of Mojhaye Khorooshan Waterpark will welcome you, dear ones, with the possibility of accepting 11,000 male guests and 7,000 female guests.

This complex was opened in 2014 with the efforts of a group of the best domestic and foreign engineers and the cooperation of one of the most famous brands in the world in the field of producing water slides, the Polin brand of Turkey.

The Land of Mojhaye Khorooshan Waterpark

From the very beginning of the opening of the complex, considering the importance of separate space and the possibility of recreation on all days of the week for women and men, this complex created two separate and exclusive parks for the recreation of women and men.

The men's park has a capacity of over 11,000 people and its area is about 30,000 square meters. The women's section can accommodate 7,000 guests at the same time, and the area of this section is approximately 28,000 square meters.

The Land of Mojhaye Khorooshan Waterpark

The Land of Mojhaye Khorooshan Waterpark it is known as the first water park in the country, which provides the possibility of recreation for men and women in two separate parks on all days of the week, and has been able to enjoy high popularity among tourists and citizens as the first complex with a standard.

Since the opening of the complex until today, efforts have always been made to improve the infrastructure and various facilities of the complex, including: exciting slides, children's park, stores, restaurants and fast food, various games (laser tag, soapy football, trampoline, zip lane) parking and etc. We will bring the best experience to you dear guests.